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Help for Quitting Smoking

Once you’ve made that crucial decision that you are going to quit smoking, you are going to need all the stop smoking help you can find. But before you let yourself get buried under a pile of websites and stop smoking tip sheets, it would be good to think about what you really want to get from quitting smoking.

Most people do not decide they want to quite smoking because they need something different to do on a Tuesday morning. They make the decision to stop because something icky happened to them or they got scared and they finally got disgusted enough with themselves to make the big decision stick this time.

But many people fail at quitting because they don’t have a plan in place for something to do with their time and money when they do quit. And that is one of the biggest ideas that can help you quit, having something to take the place of smoking.

We are not talking about substituting an e-cigarette for a real honest to goodness burnable cigarette here but about something to do with your time and money after you stop.

Maybe there is something cool you have always wanted to buy for yourself but never seemed to have the money for. But if you quite buying cigarettes, you might find that the amount of money you have to spend suddenly increases. Then there is no reason why you couldn’t invest in that new digital camera or a pair of water skis.

Even though it might seem like there is no way you could buy a new camera today with the money you save by not buying cigarettes, you will be surprised to find it doesn’t take long to get that money. If you take the money that you would be spending on cigarettes and put it in a little coffee can on your dresser, you can probably afford that new camera in a very short amount of time.

So you get two big benefits. You have stopped smoking which is a powerfully good benefit and you have the money to start up a new hobby. You get to win twice.

Another help to stop smoking is to not simply suffer in silence. You don’t need to take out ugly feelings you have on your family members, but in most places there are tons of support groups that you can attend. These people are all going through similar situations to yours and can empathize with what you are feeling physically and emotionally.

It might even come to be that you find some great new friends in that group. Going through a personal trauma like giving up a lifelong addiction can help people draw together in a very close way.

Assistance in stopping smoking is everywhere online. There are probably more websites that have this kind of information than grains of sand on the beach. You just need to take a bit of time to sort out all the suggestions that you come across so you don’t wind up doing nothing by trying to do all of them al lat once.

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