Stop Smoking Pills

When people are thinking about quitting smoking, they start researching various ways to do this online. One of the ideas they come across right away is using stop smoking pills. This is actually a pretty popular method to use to quit and many people have had some success with it. Not every things works for every person but with the pills many people have actually quit and not gone back.

That is an important differentiation, between quitting and not going back. If you have gotten to the point where you want to stop smoking, you probably want to stay off cigarettes. It can be kind of tough to quit and you surely do not want to go back on and have to quit again.

There are a couple of popular pills that are prescribed by doctors to help people stop smoking. Even though they are pills, you still have to do your part and not smoke while you are trying to quit. Sounds almost counter-intuitive, but there are some people who will go to the doctor to get the medication and continue to smoke while taking it. Almost as if they wan to see if they can do both.

One popular medication for quitting smoking is Zyban. The active ingredient in this pill is Bupropion, which is the same active ingredient in Wellbutrin. This is an anti-depressant drug which is also used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. When you take it for smoking cessation it acts to help relieves the withdrawal symptoms like moodiness, anger, restlessness and depression.

You usually take it twice a day and you will want to be very truthful with your doctor about any other kinds of medication you are taking before you get a prescription for Zyban. This substance can have some serious side effects that you definitely do want in your life. So make sure you discuss your medical history with your doctor before taking the drug.

Another popular drug to help quit smoking is Chantix. The active ingredient in this medication is Varenicline. It works to prevent you from enjoying the good feeling you get from smoking cigarettes. Normally when you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine goes into your blood stream and up to your brain where it finds some special receptor cells. When the nicotine attaches itself there, another chemical called dopamine gets released. Dopamine makes you feel good.

The Chantix interferes with this process and keeps the dopamine from being released into your bloodstream, so you don’t get the same good feeling you used to get when you smoked. Pretty much, you get all the bad parts of smoking with none of the good ones. That is why it is effective.

Like with any other drug, Chantix can have side effects and your doctor will want to know quite a few things before they prescribe this drug for you.

Pills for quitting smoking can be effective for some people. And if you are a person who is comfortable with taking medication to alleviate physical or emotional issues then one of these might be exactly what you are looking for to help you quit.

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