Aids for Quitting Smoking

The world is a pretty big place and sometimes it is hard to know where to start when it comes to finding stop smoking aids. Once you decide that you are going to look into some of the ideas that can help you quite smoking, it is almost as if the entire world comes alive with stories of various ways to quit.

This plethora of aids to stop smoking has only grown with the growth of the internet. Nowadays, it seems like the internet is everywhere all at once and you are being bombarded on a daily basis by electronic this and that. And once you begin in earnest to search for the most effective way to stop smoking, it’s like you are asking for information overload.

Lots of people claim to have the best stop smoking aid and are quite willing to try to convince you that their idea is the best. Whether it’s a drug like Zyban or Chantix, or a device like an electronic cigarette, everyone wants to tell you that their aid works the best.

And sometimes those aids for quitting smoking really do work for them, but whether they work for you or not is quite a different story. Pretty much the only gauge you are going to have is your own experience.

Take the way the Zyban was discovered to be an aid for stopping smoking. It used to be that the active ingredient in Zyban was marketed as an anti-depressant drug called Wellbutrin. Some of the Wellbutrin users discovered that they no longer had a craving to smoke cigarettes when taking the drug. So the drug company ran some more tests and found that indeed it was the case, that people could more easily quit smoking when they were taking the drug. Then they decided to make a “help you quit” medication and used the same active ingredient in the new medication.

And for some people this works really well. There can be a lot of side effects and if you want to try this method of quitting smoking, you need to have serious talks with your doctor. Zyban may not be right for you at all and you need the advice of a medical professional to set you in the right direction.

For some people, an e-cigarette is the best way to help them quit smoking. These little devices hold a small container of nicotine and this is turned into a vapor when you puff on the e-cig. It looks like a real cigarette and brings you a potent does of nicotine. They are legal to use in most places even where smoking is prohibited and don’t create a wall of sink around you that other people might find offensive.

This is a stop smoking aid that looks for all the world like a regular cigarette and gives you a big jolt of nicotine. And if that is why you were smoking in the first place, then they are a way to get the effect of that drug without actually smoking. Whether it is any better for you or not is a thought probably best decided by doctors, but as far as helping you actually quit smoking, they work well for some people

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