Best Methods of Quitting Smoking

If you are searching online for the best way to stop smoking and you come across a website article that tells you without a doubt that “such and such” a method for quitting is the best way, you better click away quickly.

There is no one size fits all way to stop smoking. There are lots of different ideas that can work for a lot of different people, but the one that is best for you, is the one that works for you, not necessarily the one that is going to work for your spouse or your friend at work or your neighbor.

There are plenty of ideas on quitting smoking, and many of them involve the use of medication. These pills and tablets seem to work for quite a few people, but they often have side effects that may do more harm than the smoking itself. Chantix can make you vomit if you smoke while using it kind of like Antabuse does if you take it and drink alcohol.

Zyban, which is Wellbutrin put into a different package, can have severe side effects. As a matter of act if you look it up online, you will find pages and pages detailing the side effects of using it. The biggest of these is the tendency in some people to experience seizures while using the drug.

From some people, the best way to stop smoking involves substituting a device for the cigarette itself. Electronic cigarettes are popular these days, but there are plenty of things that look and taste kind of like cigarettes that are not electronic. Some of these are obviously not cigarettes like cinnamon toothpicks, but some look like real cigarettes and simply release a variety of high grade flavoring into your mouth when you inhale.

Those occupy your taste buds and help you get the feeling of holding a cigarette-like object in your hands. Cigarettes substitutes are actually a pretty good ides and have been around in one form or another for a lot of years. There are even lollypops called Smoking Sucks. These are natural and have a good sized dose of L-tryptophan in them. That?s the chemical that makes you feel all sleepy and relaxed after eating a big turkey dinner at Thanksgiving.

Kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase “quitting cold turkey”.

Other folks take up new activities to occupy their time so they don’t think so much about how bad they feel. Some people prefer running or playing basketball, or other high energy activities like biking or karate. Most of the time, these activities are healthy, but if you are going to go that route, you really need to consult with your doctor before going on any program that is going to have you doing strenuous exercises.

The best way to stop smoking is the way that works for you. Take a while to explore your options in quitting and you are likely to find a lot more alternatives and ideas to help you in your quest for better health.

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